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Basic Personal Professional Corporate
Monthly fee $4.95 $9.95 $29.95 from $200
SPECIAL PRICE * $1.49 $4.49
Use promo code at checkout: BUCKFIFTY FOURFIFTY
Permanent Storage 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB Unlimited
Upload via Browser or Store Files as Big as 1Gb 2 GB 2 GB Any size
Downloads Per File 500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No Bandwith Limitations yes yes yes yes
Files Never Expire yes yes yes yes
Download History and Reports yes yes yes yes
Return Receipt yes yes yes yes
Receive Files via Drop Box yes yes yes yes
Dropbox Files Received Notification yes yes yes
Geolocation Reports and Forward Prevention Rules yes yes yes
Remove EmailLargeFile Logo yes yes yes
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File Operations  
Multiple file uploads yes
iPad, iPhone & Android file uploads yes
File and package management yes
Download files as ZIP yes
Reports and Notifications  
File tracking and audit log yes
Export reports to Excel yes yes yes yes
Notifications via E-mail yes
Country/State/Area Code/Organization Tracking  
Notifications via SMS / text messaging  
Antivirus check Daily Instant Instant Instant
Password protection yes
SSL encrypted transmission (2048 bit RSA) yes
HIPAA / Sarbanes-Oxley compliance yes yes
Address books yes
Geolocation filtering, blocking, or redirect   yes yes yes
Daily data backup  
Receive files via your web site / web integration yes yes yes yes
Mobile Apps  
Windows App  
MS Office / Outlook integration   optional
Cool Features  
Receive files via Dropbox yes yes yes yes
Custom branding, logo, HTML signature   yes yes yes
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* Does not apply to PayPal. New customers, first month.
Regular price applies after first billing cycle.

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