Use Cases, Scenarios, and Solutions

Customer support is our number one priority. We respect all questions coming from our customers. We never forget anything and we make no excuses.

Sometimes when we are asked repeating questions, it is more efficient to point to a well-formatted web page with clear text and pictures explaining how to do certain things. Here are some of the most frequent, yet some of the most important questions that have been asked.

Real Estate

If you are a real estate agent, you often exchange files with multiple clients at the same time.

With EmailLargeFile, you can set up one or more file packages per each customer. With our security, no customer is able to see other clients' documents. With our submission system, you simply can't send a file attachment to a wrong customer.

Each file package becomes a separate file locker. You can safely store your clients' files and scanned documents in one place until closing. Add their e-mail address into the hosted address book for quick and easy file exchange. You can assign a password to each individual file package. Or you can use another password during package submission. Thus, the file package becomes protected by multiple levels of security. At any time, you can add and remove files to and from packages, even after you send them to your client! You can rename files, add new versions, move files between packages, or remove them completely.

You can give a file package an expiration date to make sure the package expires shortly after the closing, and it will automatically lock, or 'archive' itself when needed.

You clients can securely upload documents back to you via a special Dropbox package. Imagine, they scanned a real estate contract in color, and it becomes over 100Mb in size for just 10 pages! No e-mail provider would ever allow such a large file to go through. Unlike them, we don't see a problem here. Just ask your client to upload the file to your Emaillargefile Dropbox! See an example of how a real estate professional can integrate our Dropbox with their website.

Now, if you sell real estate properties. You go onsite to make photos with your cell phone. With our service, there is no need to drive back to the office to upload the photos to your web site. Simply use our free mobile app to upload pictures of the property to the EmailLargeFile package and they can be easily processed from there.

Colleges and Universities

If you are a teacher or a university professor, you often face a situation when you need to send the same course material to multiple students. If you do this via e-mail, the whole process becomes a burden, especially if these materials contain large presentations or videos.

With Email Large File, you just upload the files once, call the package Class Materials and submit it to all your students in just a few clicks. You can always see which students received the files first, and which did not read them until the night before the quiz!

What if you just noticed that you sent a last year lecture instead of the current one? Not a problem! Replace that PPT or PDF e-book with the new one, right in the same package. And you don't have to send it again to all of your students. They already have the link! And the best thing, you know who was quick enough to download the older version, so you can ask them individually to get the update.

When the time comes to collect the students' essays or homework, send them the link to your Dropbox where they will upload their papers, and you don't even have to open your e-mail to check who is late!

You can post short training videos or videos of experiments from your cell phone via our free app right into your Emaillargefile storage! Your students from all over the world will be able to see them in minutes.

Alternatively, you can prevent your training materials from being downloaded outside of campus. Just add a few rules or filters to your package, and it will not open for external visitors.

File Transfer for Insurance

If you are an insurance agent, you often work with insurance providers as well as your customers. Your workflow involves processing various documents, e-mails, letters, policies, and endorsements, and often sending them back and forth for verification and approval.

Combine multiple computer files into one file package per customer or per provider, and keep them this way to simplify storage. When the policy has been processed, export it to your favorite storage management solution. Emaillargefile.Net can integrate with most agency management software, as well as complement your existing file- or document management solution.

If you are an insurance adjuster, you can use our free cell phone app to take pictures of property damage and upload them to your Emaillargefile storage without powering up your laptop.

If your IT or Benefits department prefers to store your agency data in-house, that's not a problem at all. Choose our in-house hosted corporate plan and we will set up a server in your office, to make your IT folks happy. If you also need a document scanning solution, let us know.

In this world without boundaries, add an extra level of protection to your documents. Assign geographical rules, filters and blocks based on countries, areas, and organizations who can or cannot open your file packages. In the world driven by competition, proper handling of important data will always save you a dollar or two.

Media Transfer and Delivery

Are you are an artist, photographer, musician, or a writer?

When you need to send your materials to a publisher or an agent, upload them to Emaillargefile.Net package. Per your mouse click, we will e-mail the package to your recipient. You will get a text message on your cell phone, or an e-mail, whichever you prefer, when they receive and open your media package.

From your Macbook or iPad, you can track the history of how often they opened your file, where geographically they did it, and if they have forwarded it to anyone. Sometimes when you see that there were more people watching or reading your materials, it may be encouraging. When you see that your agent hasn't even opened the package, it might be the time to look for another agent or publisher.

If your customer pays you for media delivery, Emaillargefile can help you to prove that they received it. Use our delivery notification system to record the act of opening the package and downloading the files.

In the wake of the recent legal issues with various media hosting providers, with our service you can easily set geographical rules, filters and blocks based on countries, areas, and organizations who can or cannot open your file packages. Proper media handling procedures play an increasingly important role in protecting intellectual property.

If you are a software developer, you can use our service for delivering your software projects to your clients. Currently, all our plans include dropbox feature, which is very convenient for exchanging data with your team, partners and customers. Pixel Transitions, our parent company, uses the dropbox for file upload and customer data exchange.